Why yelp™ is no HELP for business in Northern IL


yelp™ makes it easy to talk down a company & hard to remove/change a review that is patiently false.

Good reviews don't always show up but they will market businesses to pay money to be part of yelp™ and learn how to be displayed more favorably. Unfortunately, this forces everyone to pay more for all goods and services, businesses have to spend to keep their reputation from being besmirched, easier for big business with the resources to pay more for help with this but not for small Business right here in northern IL 

Yelp filters results according to certain arcane rules that are not even disclosed

Forbes™- Yelp's™ 'Don't Ask' Policy Is Bad For Everyone... Including Yelp

"To make money? Maybe. After all, Yelp™ does profit when negative reviews drive desperate business owners to buy from the review site."